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And now let us welcome a new year - full of things that have never been Happy 2020! I suspect you'd be hard-pressed to find a New Englander that rates January as one of their favorite months of the year. December wraps New England in 'warmer temps', dustings of snow and the cozy comfort of the holidays, while January is as icy and miserable as Winter can get. This is not to say 'Spring' in New England can't also be miserable too but it's not as likely when the calendar ticks over to April. January falls tenth in my ranking of calendar months of the year (it beats out April and May) but I do love January for its fresh start feel. It's the beginning of a new year, the days are getting longer and the light is lingering later. The circle of life, however slight it may seem, is beginning anew.  Kicked off 2020 travels with a ski day at  Mt. Sunapee in NH. Mt. Sunapee is an hour and thirty minutes from our house in Stoneham, MA, making it an ideal dis

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